Our Worship Center
We're pleased to give you a tour of our proposed Worship Center.  The Worship Center is located in a store front facility in downtown Spencerville.
While the building needs a lot of work, it is also unique, and as members of our Planning Team noted, perfect for our concept of doing ministry.  We
envision the facility housing Catacombs on Friday nights, serving as our Worship Center on Sunday mornings, hosting Holy Grounds Cafe, our
coffee house ministry, weekdays and providing space in the evenings for Bible study, children's ministry, our Faith & Films Series, dartball and more.

Take a look at the photos below.  Click on each photo to enlarge them.  Also, check out the proposed floor plan for the facility.
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Proposed floor plan for Merge Worship Center & Catacombs
This photo is just inside the
main front entrance looking
from where the reception area
might be placed facing the
future location for a pastor's
study/office and projection
screen. Cafe tables might sit in
the nook.
This is the front entrance for the
proposed store front facility that
our planning team believes God
is leading us to house Merge
and Catacombs.
This photo is taken from where
the sound booth might be
located looking at the possible
future homes of the main stage,
church office and projection
screen. Cafe tables and chairs
would be in the fore ground.
This photo is taken where the
pool table might be located
looking out at the main worship
space where cafe tables will be
set up. PlayStation 3 game
systems could be set up on the
wall to the front right of the
This photo shows where the
future stage might be located
that the worship band will use
to lead worship at Catacombs
and Merge. Cafe tables will
surround it.
This is another view from the
bathrooms looking towards the
main worship area.
This photo is taken from where
the back corner of the stage
might be looking out at cafe
tables and chairs. A sound
booth might sit on the far wall
center. PlayStation 3 game
systems could be set up on front
right wall. On the other side of
that wall might be a living room
area with sofas, coffee table
and more.
In this area could be the future
home to Merge/Catacombs'
kitchen and child care. During
Catacombs, the ping-pong
table might sit at left. There
also could be a living room
area here as well to the right
with sofas, coffee table, and an
electric fire place unit and TV
up against the brick wall. This
will be a cozy place for small
group Bible Study.
This photo is taken from where
the pool table could be
located. To the right are the
rest rooms. To the left could be
where the PlayStation 3 game
systems might be located.
This is the back hallway
between the restrooms, utility
room with a rear entrance to
the kitchen and the back exit
of the facility.
Proposed kitchen layout designed on Lowe's virtual room designer.